For the business leaders and owners an idea to sell the business is a commonsense. What is most important to all leaders and businessman is to create business that has sustaining value and can grow without them.

Energy Management:

Consider manpower, infrastructure, raw material, system, processes, distribution, and marketing as ENERGIES (Cost) used in the business then,

  1. How to evaluate whether these energies are utilized correctly or not?
  2. How to get maximum results by using these energies?
  3. How to save energies so that companies will improve their profits (like a overdrive gear in automobiles)?
  4. How and where to add more energies to grow the business?


At SALT, first we analyze how these energies (Costs) are utilized and then we suggest systems or working methods to get maximum utilization of these energies. In fact if it is possible then reduce the input of energies to get the results more than the set targets.

In a running business many times the gaps between objective, planning, process and output are not identified by leaders and owners and managers. The reason is in day-to-day operations it is difficult to assess every parameter of the business on continuous basis. In such situation we come as a “THIRD EYE”


What is “THIRD EYE”?

It’s a very simple way to analyze your business parameters step by step as an outsider and bring some positive changes to reduce your energy (Cost) utilization without affecting output or improve energy efficiency (Yield) or suggest requirement of new energies (Investment) to develop better output.


What is SALT?

Salt is Strategic Application based on Logical Thinking

A sound applicable strategy makes a great difference. To design such strategy we need correct evaluation of current business facts and experienced logical thinking.

SALT offers exactly the same with their strong and valuable experience. We help in building system and processes so that business owners can work “ON” their business and not work “IN” their business. Our management team works on these principles. We can help business owners to build something great and long-lasting.

It is important for us to provide business solutions and develop strategies that will create competitive advantage and direct effective utilization of energies.

SALT is for business leaders / owners those who are willing to say something and do something to build better organization to sustain in their current time period and also grow continuously in the future 








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