Changing job is both time consuming and daunting. If you know exactly what you want to pursue, and know your potential and skills then you can excel in your career. Every job seeker must do some self analysis before thinking to change jobs and career. SALT helps job seekers to do self analysis and also help to enhance their subject understanding.

We professionally analyze your potential and help you to get correct job so that  you can achieve your career goals and dreams. There is a lot of competition for job seekers and it is not that easy to get a job that suits your skills and potential. We help you to find exact match so to give you better position, salary and an opportunity to excel.

We offer one on one in-house training programs if job seekers want to enhance their skills and understand how to apply in their career at nominal fees. We award certificates for the same.

At SALT, we help job seekers to build positive attitude, set personal objectives and goals, career planning, and how to continuously improve their applied intelligence. We work as your friend and mentor and show you how to progress continuously.

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