SALT Provides Professional Recruitment and Training Support to Individuals and Organizations to Build Careers and Highly Efficient Human Capital


We are a dedicated and serious team of professionals who can be your “Third Eye” to evaluate gaps in your business structure and to help you with solutions to save your energies to become more successful and profitable business entity

Manpower is an asset to business. Recruiting effective manpower is a continuous struggle for every organization. Selecting correct people and training them to become more effective and result oriented is a prime motto.
People are integral part of an organization. They are individuals with their own thinking and capabilities. Organization’s success depends on people.Successful organizations have effective people with right skills and attitude. At SALT we build their skills with our customize Training tools
At SALT our experts help you to carefully analyze current sales, distribution and marketing activities and suggest you winning strategies. Along with your expertise we create perfect marketing mix to gain growth and market share
The core focus is to find out the business health and the gaps that are affecting organization's performance. By using modern techniques and tools, we help organizations to perform at high efficiency.